About Us

page4-img1Industrial Commercial Coatings, LLC has been in the painting business for 20 years & was founded in 1994 by Owner Chris Perea. He started this company wanting to improve the quality of the paint jobs that are being produced in his community. With only 2 workers he started off doing small commercial & residential. Now with over 20 employees we cover all aspects of painting, coatings & polished concrete to include but not limited to Residential, Commercial & Industrial. We are able to take on any size project anywhere in the surrounding Region. Industrial Commercial Coatings has set it self apart as the “Go to” painting contractor for any & all coatings applications. We constantly strive to improve our systems & training programs for our customers & employees.

One thing we do that sets us apart is run our employees through a rigorous safety program. We have over 30 individualized safety programs that that we train our employees on annually. This ensures our employees stay safe on all of your projects and take care to keep your employees safe as well. We test our employees knowledge on OSHA standards to make sure that you as the customer get the project done on time & within the safety constraints that are required on every job.
Our company has done thousands of jobs for hundreds of different customers. We have done million dollar custom homes, waste water treatment plants, potable water tanks, food manufacturing facilities, commercial buildings, over a million square feet of polished concrete and more. We are known for being able to get jobs done with tight time constraints when other contractors said it was impossible. We do what it takes to make sure your facility is up and running in the shortest amount of time possible. When we leave a project we make sure that you the customer is happy with all the work we have done as this is the reason we have been in business for as long as we have. If your looking for someone to freshen up your color scheme, get a clean environmentally friendly floor installed or tank linings removed & replaced we are here to help. Please feel free to give us a call any time to get professional advise & a free estimate for your next project.