Past Projects:

Polished Dyed ConcretePolished Concrete with dye. We used Prosoco to densify and seal this floor with Ameripolish dye.
Polished Decorative ConcreteHere we used Ameripolish Dye with Prosoco Consolideck Flooring which consist of LS to densify and LS Guard to seal.
Resinous FlooringEddy County Detention Center Kitchen Renovation. Dur-a-flex 1/4" cement urethane flooring installed to 2,000 sq ft.
Commmercial PaintingOne of our favorite hard bid commercial painting projects. We used PPG line of commercial and architectural paints.
Industrial PaintingThis was a heavy duty industrial blast and coat project at KAFB. Tnemec provided the 3 coat system.
Polished ConcreteUNM University Arena Albuquerque New Mexico. Polished Concrete 50,000 sq ft used FGS Permashine
Polished ConcreteWe used FGS Permashine and L and M vivid dye for this polished concrete project in Roswell, NM.
Epoxy FlooringEpoxy flooring with a chemical resistant seal coat makes maintenance a breeze at this detention center
Epoxy FlooringEpoxy flooring is a must for any dog kennel. Here the owners can just pressure wash the floor.